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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

Sir Isaac Newton

With my teacher professor Eddie Kone and his master, Royler Gracie

After 6+hours with Jiu Jitsu legend Master Rickson Gracie

Learning from UFC Hall of Famer Mr Royce Gracie

After a week of group and private lessons with one of the nicest people in Jiu-jitsu: Professor Robin Gracie at his academy Gracie Barcelona

Discussing attacks from the Knee on Belly position
with a hero of mine, Master Fabio Santos
Mr Martyn Cahill, Head instructor at Fighting Fit Martial Arts

Self defence and class structure with head of Escola de Jiu Jitsu
and founding member of Gracie Barra, José Leão "Ze Beleza" Teixeira

Professor Helio "Soneca" Moreira, Master of the Ol' Skool
at his London affiliate NewSchoolBJJ HQ in Battersea, London

With Mr Antony Chahal at the NewSchoolBJJ HQ in Battersea, London

With Mr Nicky Robinson at the NewSchoolBJJ HQ in Battersea, London

With Mr Paul “Leão Marinho” Hartley at Gracie Barra Fulham in London 

Picking the brains of Sensei Xande Ribeiro at the University of Jiujitsu

The team at the U helping prepare Sensei Xande for his fight with Roberto Cyborg

At Clark Gracie Jiu-Jitsu HQ in San Diego with the man himself

Striking fear into whomever dares face us, with
Professor Baret Yoshida at the Arena MMA in San Diego

Learning the details of the deep half guard system of
Mr Masahiro Iwasaki, Carpe Diem Black Belt.

It's all about the details of the closed guard with
Mr Tsuyoshi Tamaki, Director of Carpe Diem London.

Mr David Onuma, Head instructor of CFS BJJ, Me and Roger Gracie Black Belt
and head instructor of the Mill Hill BJJ Team Mr Nick Brooks

Learning from the GOAT, the Gentleman & the Warrior: Mr Roger Gracie at RGA HQ

Head Instructor of the Will / Machado BJJ Association Mr John B. Will

5th Degree Relson Gracie black belt Mr Steve Maxwell.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu head coach Mr Eddie Bravo

Learning from multiple world champion Mr Robson Moura

Icelandic Phenom and UFC fighter Mr Gunnar Nelson

Rickson Gracie black belt Mr Raoul Carlos
at his old Amsterdam HQ

Rickson Gracie black belt Mr Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven
at his Kent Affiliate Fluxo Brazilian Jiujitsu
Kama Jiujitsu black belt Mr Jack Taufer

LSBJJ head instructor Lucio Sergio Dos Santos

Learning lapel guard wizardry from the first British BJJ black belt,
Mr Jude Samuel, head instructor at
Inglorious Grapplers (Legacy BJJ / MMA)

Head Coach of SBGi Mr Matt Thornton

Head Coach of Harris International Mr Roy Harris

Learning the details of half guard attacks from CheckMat Black Belt Mr Luiz "Manxinha" Ribeiro

Striking a very serious pose with the BJJ Globetrotter Mr Christian Graugart

Working the finer details of guard recovery with Ryron and Rener Gracie,
Head Instructors at the world famous Gracie Academy.

After a two-day Gracie Jiujitsu camp with professor
Ryron Gracie at the EKBJJ HQ in Lonodn, UK

Tightening my punch-proof jiujitsu with Professor Rener Gracie
at the Gracie Academy HQ in Torrance, California

After an excellent private lesson with the gentleman warrior: Professor Victor Estima

Details of the Kimura lock from the closed guard with Mr Steve Campbell,
black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr and Head Instructor at Stealth BJJ.

With multiple time world champion Professor Marcos "Parrumpa" de Matta,
Carlson Gracie black belt and Pro-Coach at ATT HQ.

Learning the details of butterfly guard attacks from Uber-talented Black Belt Mr Ross Nicholls