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Learning a martial art is a life long journey, but as the saying goes, all journeys start with one step. Here are a few alternatives:

Introduction to Jiujitsu: (8 lessons)

The "I2J" was originally designed in 2011 as a course of 8 x 1hr sessions to give brand new practitioners a glimpse into the complete art of jiujitsu. It serves to provide you with an overview of the defensive and offensive options at your disposal while grappling with an opponent, whether with or without the gi, always keeping your safety from strikes at the forefront of the training.

The Foundation Curriculum: (30 lessons)

This is a progressive sequence of 30 lessons that will build your foundation within the art of jiujitsu from a self-defence, sportive and combative perspective. Each lesson will start with a review of the lesson(s) before so the information is always at the forefront of the learner's mind. Past students have likened their progress within this course to building a skeleton of a gameplan then fleshing it out with further options and sequences until all the fundamental geographies of an altercation link with each other.

To learn more about these courses, drop me a line to find out how I can be of assistance.